Rockwell Advisory provides in-depth primary research on companies in the consumer retail and restaurant industries by utilizing a national field team of store managers. We offer services on a project-by-project basis, helping our clients evaluate companies and make investment decisions. All work is exclusive to the clients who commission it.


We employ a team of store managers and subject matter experts in all of the largest metropolitan areas of the country. Each of our field team members has deep experience and contacts within their respective industries. They provide us with crucial data points at the store level. We are then able to aggregate the results to help our clients predict trends in consumer retail and restaurant companies.

Our Team

Fred Rockwell, CFA, CPA


Fred Rockwell has over 12 years of business experience including founder/operator, investment management, and financial services roles. Fred is a team leader, collaborator, and creative thinker who shapes positive outcomes for organizations based on strategy, financial analysis, and market research. Fred received his MBA from the University of Michigan and co-founded Rockwell Advisory to help buy-side and sell-side firms more effectively evaluate companies.

Tony Yu

Partner and Director of Research

Tony Yu started his career in the restaurant industry working in corporate finance. He then transitioned into the retail space on Wall Street in sell-side equity research, where he evaluated companies by performing extensive due diligence and conducting channel checks. After obtaining his MBA from the University of Michigan, he co-founded Rockwell Advisory.


Rockwell Advisory adheres to a strict compliance manual and compliance procedure to ensure that all regulatory laws and rules are followed, and that the utmost level of ethics and business practices are being utilized. Store managers and other level employees are never allowed to report information to us about their own stores. All of the independent research we gather and provide is obtained without the use of any deceptive business practices, unlawful methods, or material non-public information.

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